Yeast Tablets


Yeast is an appetising and tasty feed supplement which is liked by your dog
a purely natural product with beer and mineral yeast. It includes all important and optimal balanced components such as all B-vitamins, biotin, minerals and high-grade proteins
The B-vitamins complement each other positively:
They function as catalysts in all tissues, they are indispensable in the carbohydrate and protein metabolisms and promote the cell division.
This support of the metabolism improves the vitality and strength of nerves of your dog
The vitamin biotin protects skin and hair and strengthens the claws the high content of minerals and trace elements like e.g. calcium and zinc promote the willingness to perform of your dog due to the activation of gaining energy on cell level and by strengthening of the body-own immune system whether as compensation of feed related deficiencies, as support at higher energy demand (raising of puppy, physical and mental training) or as optimal supplement during the convalescence phase
yeast is a very good supplement of the daily feed regardless of what you feed