Wonder Wash


A brilliant quick solution for all ringside emergencies or when a regular shampoo routine is not available. Also use in conjunction with the “hot wet towel” routine for dogs that cannot be bathed due to breed requirements or when a coat is threatening to shed i.e. towel main body of coat with warm wet towels and use Wonder Wash on shorter stubborn areas.

Wonder Wash is designed to cleanwhiten and brighten or add zing to coats of all colours without bleaching and not to take the place of an all over body shampoo. Wonder Wash is available in 250ml, 500ml with trigger spray, or 1 & 5 litre refill bottles.

Wonder Wash is a gentle formula without harsh chemicals.

Product contains optical brighteners, apple fragrance and violet tone.


Instructions: Shake well and spray directly onto coat. Massage to a lather and towel dry against the growth direction of the coat. Blow dry for finish if necessary. A gentle formula without harsh chemicals therefore, you can spray more or less according to needs. Leave in, do not rinse.