Wonder Blok Stain Reducing Soap


Plush Puppy wonder blok is an innovative approach to traditional stain reducing. Made from naturally sourced vegetable surfactants & glycerin with a light lemongrass fragrance.

Prevents attachment of fleas and ticks for up to 3 days.

Wonder Blok comes in 100g size with blue corrugated plastic container.


  • Minimise unwanted discolouration or stains with this GENTLE approach
  • The only way to reduce stains without resorting to harsh bleaching
  • Safe to use on animals though we recommend as with all products, to keep away from animals’ eyes
  • Use repeatedly for maximum effect
  • Use on white areas
  • Keep in container supplied for easy travelling


Instructions: Wet coat and apply regularly to reduce staingin. Rinse well. Whilst a mild product – be careful not to get into dogs eyes. To avoid excess around eyes you could use finger to apply the washing solution and dry towel to remove it before washing off.