Sit N Stay – Pre chalker & Pliable coat holding shaper


Excellent for shaping and moulding coats into place such as parts on Lhasas, Shih Tzu, Briards, etc.

Great for Terrier and Schnauzers to hold leg furnishings in place – plus add body and shape to face furnishings.

Use Sit N Stay on Collies and Shelties to hold neck hair up or to root lift ruffs.

Nice for hand shaping that bitsy unkempt look on a Cairn or shaping a Westie head.

Use it as a prechalker on legs e.g. Malamutes, Siberians, etc.

Good for holding down any shorter bits on Afghan saddles. Can be used to hold in place any untidy bits – e.g. top knots.

In addition, Sit N Stay is an excellent anti slip product to apply to pads for some tricky indoor show surfaces.


Directions: Apply sparingly to hands and work lightly through the areas you want to hold in place or shape. Applying small amount to fingertips will initially feel sticky. After rubbing together till warm the initial stickiness will start to dissipate, this is when it is ready to be applied to the coat, either at the roots for lift or to the mid lengths and trailing to the ends for Terriers.