Pure sensitive Insect protein – the innovative diet for dogs with intolerances


The dry food pure sensitive Insect protein is especially suitable for dogs with allergies and food intolerances. Allergic reactions can only occur if the immune system already had contact with the relevant protein. Since insects are very rarely used as a source of protein in feed, the risk of an allergic reaction is minimal.

MERA pure sensitive Insect protein is also ideally suited for feed over the long-term, because the dog is of course supplied with all important nutrients.

The environmentally-friendly alternative to meat

The use of insect protein in feed is not only beneficial for dogs with intolerances, as a source of protein insects also provide advantages with regard to sustainable nutrition for our four-legged friends.

Efficient nutrient extraction from organic waste

• Insects extract nutrients from organic waste (e.g. by-products from agriculture or food waste). 1 ton of insects can convert 4.5 tonnes of organic waste into high-quality nutrients.

Low water consumption

• Much less water is required for the production of insect protein than meat production from livestock.

No greenhouse gas methane

•The breeding and processing of insects as a source of protein does not produce any greenhouse gas methane. Methane is produced during factory farming and is 25 times more effective than CO2.

Low space requirement
• Insects grow fast and require little space. One tonne of insects grows in six days and only requires 20 square metres of space.

No waste
• The by-products can be used as fertiliser in agriculture.