Blue Soft Slicker Brush


Pro-Grooming Brush

A must have pro-grooming brush for your tool kit. Plush Puppy Blue Soft Slicker Brush is ideal for dog grooming and is now 25% softer, providing more comfort for your dog whilst brushing. 

Special pin bend to create lift and movement, allows you to pick up more coat with each brush. Flexible cushion that is gentle and an ergonomic handle for reducing arm and hand fatigue.

Our Soft Slicker Brush offers great flex and cushioning for a softer effect. Lightweight, ideal balance of slicker pins and ergonomically designed by our Plush Puppy® show grooming team.

Exclusive to Plush Puppy.

  • Rounded pin to ensure comfort
  • Pin bend to create lift and movement
  • Flexible gentle cushion
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Lightweight & easy to use
  • 160mm long x 120mm wide brush head