Micro Silver Dentalgel


Packaging : 50ml


with Grapefruit Seed Extract
– fights plaque
– for healthy gum
– for clean teeth and fresh breath

Dental care for dogs and cats.
Canina® MICRO SILVER DENTALGEL with grapefruit seed extract works against the primary broblems of mouth hygiene of dogs and cats such as plaque, tartar and gingivitis. The tooth-cleaning effect is based on a well tolerated recipe of micro silver and grapefruit seed extract.
With regular use it provides excellent tartar control.
Swallowing is harmless.
The bioflavonoids contained in the grapefruit seed extract act anti oxidative, protecting the teeth against plaque germs.
The vitamin C supports a healthy gum and the grapefruit seed extracts own amino and fatty acids in the removal of plaque.