Composition : 100% Ground Eggshell

  • 100% finely ground eggshell, no additives
  • natural calcium supply

Single animal nutrition for dogs and cats. Canina® EGGSHELL POWDER, not only provides the essential calcium, needed for the bone metabolism, healthy teeth and muscular activity but also other natural minerals like: magnesium, potassium, sodium, iron, copper and zinc. The fine gringing of Canina® EGGSHELL POWDER assures best compatability and the bioavailability assuring very high resorption of calcium. For dogs with a meat protein allergy i.e. from beef, chicken or pork, Canina® EGGSHELL POWDER is a high quality alternative to bone flour. Due to the low content of phosphorus and the high content of calcium, Canina® EGGSHELL POWDER is a very suitable supplement for rich in phosphorus and calcium lacking raw meat meals – B.A.R.F. or cooked meat meals. Composition: 100% Ground eggshell