Canhydrox GAG


To strengthen the connective tissue, joints, cartilages, bones, teeth, ligaments and tendons!
With Hydroxyl apatite: It provides elastic stability and solidity of the bones, activates the callus formaion, supports the bone formation of straight and well axial aligned extremities, prevents osteoporosis and is essectial for the bone formation

With silica: Helps to strengthen the connective tissue, ligaments, tendons and claws
With vitamin C: Strengthens the connective tissue and supports strong anchorage of teeth

• Strengthen ligaments, sinews and musculature
• Formation of a strong skeleton
• Prevents hip dysplasia
• Formation of a strong denture, firm gums, hardening of the dental enamel
• For puppies and young dogs:
• Deformed extremities (knock-knees or bow-legs)
• Overextension
• Loose joints, Loose connective tissue
For fully grown dogs:
• At degradation of joints (arthrosis)
• As support for performance as the elasticity of the bones is enhanced
• As prevention of osteoporosis, joints and motion problems
• After surgery at bones and after fractures for callus formation