Our Courses

Our Courses

Our Courses

Fur & Away School of Pet Stylists is committed to achieving superior standards in grooming. Our School offers a comprehensive, hands-on program that teaches both the creative skill and underlying theory of pet styling.

We believe that students should not only be well trained but also display a thorough understanding of the basics of their craft and to this end Fur & Away School of Pet Stylists make use of instructors and guest lecturers who are specialized in their fields of Creative Skill, Education, First-Aid and Dog Communication.

The courses offered by Fur & Away invites students to either follow a CAREER PATH in grooming by opting for the Council of Private Education Registered courses, namely, the Certificate of Assistant Pet Stylist or the Certificate of Professional Pet Stylist or to enroll for the EXTERNAL EXAMINATION MODULES which focus purely on achieving either a Level C, Level B or Level A Certification.

Breed specific ENRICHMENT MODULES are also available through direct enquiries at the School. Pet owners who wish to learn more about how to maintain their own pet are invited to register for the short module on PET OWNER MAINTENANCE.

Our philosophy is to promote, with distinction, the acquisition of artistic skills and understanding through demonstrations, active practical experience and theoretical coaching. Our students will be expected to meet certain criteria in both the practical grooming room and in the classroom to ensure that they graduate with a complete and comprehensive knowledge base, exceptional grooming abilities and a full understanding of their trade.

At Fur & Away we call for each student to be responsible and committed to their studies. With our focus on safety and our sights on grooming excellence we work hand in hand with each student to ensure they have the foundation and experience to embark on careers that can take them either directly into the work place or see them owning and running their own establishment.

Fur & Away School of Pet Stylists provides the opportunity for each student to realize their dream and reach their full potential. The Fur & Away certificate achieved by our students opens the door to the prospect of overseas travel to compete on an international stage against fellow groomers.

At Fur & Away School of Pet Stylists
the world is truly your oyster.

Fur & Away

  • Certificate of Assistant Pet Stylist
  • Certificate of Professional Pet Stylist
  • Instructor
  • Salon Free Style
  • Pure Breed
  • Speed, Efficiency and and Grooming Tips& Techniques for the everyday groomer
  • Dog Handling & Control in the Grooming Salon
  • Confidence to work in a Grooming Salon
  • Layout, Design & safety in the Grooming Salon & School
  • School and Student Management for School Instructors

Fur & Away

External Examination Modules

  • Preparatory Works
  • Breed Profile and Pattern Angulation
  • Overall Balance and Symmetry
  • Rules & Regulations and Practice Examination

Breed Specific Enrichment Module

Pet Owner Basic Maintenance and General Care Module